Certhis, the all-in-one solution to create your first NFT

Launching a Web3 project may seem complicated at first sight. Hopefully, no-code solution like Certhis are here to help.

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Launching a Web3 project may seem complicated at first sight. However, there are solutions that facilitate access and use of tools to create your first NFT collections without code knowledge. This is the case of Certhis, a no-code solution for companies and brands that want to create their Web3 project.

Presentation of Certhis

Certhis is a platform that simplifies the process of creating and selling NFTs for businesses and creators. The platform offers several tools and features that greatly facilitate the creation, management and sale of NFT collections.

The project has been in preparation since 2021 by its founders Ruben Perez (CTO & CPO) and Henry Korchia (CEO). After two years of preparation, the Proof of Concept was launched in France during Q1 2023 with several French agencies such as Wild, La-Mine and Wagmi studio and the integration of Web3 applications such as Tropee and Nilos.

certhis nft collection overview

Certhis’ features cover a wide range of possibilities:

  • NFT Collection on several supported blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB). NFTs collections as well as all utility applications can be integrated directly on the brand or business site through to embbeded modules.
  • Easy collection deployment: an easy way to integrate the NFT Collection to your website thanks to dedicated applications. An analytic dashboard is also available to keep a track of your collection’s activity.
  • Utility application for your community: A full catalog of applications to cover all the Web3 usecases, from launching the NFT project to community animations (airdrop, ticketing, giveaway, tokengating for exclusive content…). Here is the choice of application to enhance your NFT holders’ experience :
    • HolderTicket.io: Physical or Metaverse event ticketing App for your NFT holders
    • Holderdrop: NFT drops for holders
    • HolderGate: Unlock access to exclusive content for your holder
    • Holdermail: Web3 mail service for your holder
    • Holderbox: Your Holder space
    • Affiliation3: Web3 Affiliation program
    • NFTpage: Your NFT collection page
  • Certhis wallet: The Web3 cornerstone of Certhis, a seamless wallet for all the blockchain interactions. It can be generated with just an email, and funded through a credit card

Suitable for companies or entrepreneurs who want to get started in the Web3, this no-code solution is primarily aimed at an audience that is used to seamless experience.

An all-in-one solution for businesses

certhis nft collection

Certhis is primarily aimed at companies that want to address a web3 audience but have little knowledge of this ecosystem. The “All in One” solution that Certhis offers aims to consolidate the link that a company or brand can have with its community through community-driven experiences, new revenue streams but especially a seamless wallet to manage its funds, NFTs and utilities.

Brands can integrate their NFT marketplace on their website, under their brand. The marketplace offered by Certhis will be an essential tool to keep an eye on the activity of a collection but also to take advantage of the benefits brought by Web3. The choice between 4 blockchains offers flexibility to follow your audience but in addition, a multi-chain royalty system has been set up to ensure revenue for each sale on the secondary market.

Certhis allows you to create, deploy and sell and/or send NFTs that will come from multiple types of collection types like: Single, retail or art catalog or Art series. For example, Single collections will be more suitable for artists, while Art series collections can be used for NFT reveals.

Another important aspect of the marketplace will be the generation of data about the holders. As any transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it will be possible to publicly follow the evolution of a mint, the number of resales, wallets, and other market indicators regarding any collection created on the platform.

Certhis’ next steps

certhis nft wallet

Certhis’ next steps are clear: continue to democratize the use of Web3 for a Web2 audience. During 2023, Certhis intends to extend its activities and partnerships to all major Web2 and Web3 agencies and partners but also to open up the development of utility applications for their solution to a broader developer community.

The goal within two years is to continue to expand partnerships globally and then expand marketing activity in all territories. By focusing on the many features they offer, Certhis wants to prove that Web3 tools are accessible to the wider world, companies, individual entrepreneurs but also artists and startups.

Today Certhis is free to use thanks to an economical system based on mint and resale fees. 

The democratization of NFTs is underway

More and more people want to get started with NFTs but technical barriers to entry can sometimes cause some issues. Certhis proposes to ease this process by further simplifying the usual Web3 tools. For projects that do not want to invest a lot of time in the technical aspect of NFTs, this is a perfectly suited solution.

Do not hesitate to follow Certhis on their different networks to stay tuned about their updates!


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