Stables: A New Fantasy Horse Game

The equestrian sport industry continues to renew itself and innovate forever and are closer to its supporters. Today, the French company PMU announced an NFT project: Stables.

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NFTs can be used to connect the real world and the virtual world, even more so when the real world community is already federated. For the sports industry, it was therefore very natural to develop projects around NFTs to be as close as possible to their community. Whether it’s Adidas, Nike, the NHL or Formula One, all these major brands have made a project or have taken a strong interest in the web3 environment.

One of the latest companies to join the big brands using the benefits offered by NFTs is the French company PMU. With the Stables project, the bet horsing company wants to create a privileged environment between its community and horse racing. But PMU wants to go beyond their own community and expand their world to what Web3 offers the best : a new audience, a new public and new horizons!

Presentation of PMU and Stables

The PMU is the European leader and n°3 worldwide in horse betting whose economic mission is to finance the French equestrian sector. Their experience in horse racing as well as their in-depth knowledge of this sector will be put to work in Stables.

The Stables project was created in partnership with 321founded, a French corporate start-up studio whose job is to create start-ups on behalf of institutions. And to achieve their goals, they have recruited talented web3 experts, professionals from the equestrian world and a video game studio.

Because yes, Stables will be a fantasy game that will use NFT in its gameplay using the Tezos blockchain.

An Ambitious Horses Fantasy Game

Stables will be a fantasy game, meaning real-world elements will be used in the game for a more immersive experience. And since it is a fantasy game, several customization options will be available for your horses

Thanks to the use of 10 years of historical race data from the PMU, Stables will be able to create digital duplicates of already existing horses and stables. These doubles will be Stables’ Genesis collection for the first drop.

Hundreds of attributes have been drawn to pixel-perfection by artists with an original and unique style all in 3D. For this first launch, minting at the drop will give you access to the Early Access Pack, which contains:

  • Your NFT of course
  • Access to the alpha of the game
  • Bonus items 
  • Some Stables Points 
  • 1 secret item

From Q3 2023, it will become possible to virtually improve and modify performance and results charts. It is therefore at this point that the decisions will become more important and decisive for the strategy you intend to put in place to be the best!

The Next Steps of Stables

Stables is in a whitelist period, so we encourage you to follow them on their social networks and their Discord. By registering, you will receive a free Stables Pass (ntNFT) which will be your key to the entire Stables universe and the whole process up to the mint of your NFT.

The sooner you will be part of this community, the higher the chance you will have to be whitelisted this month. The Stables Whiteslist will open the 9th of January until the end of Q1 2023. The NFT drop will happen.

The game will be released in the third quarter of 2023 and international development is scheduled for the very beginning of 2024. Many surprises are therefore expected by this game with multiple promises!

Join the race!

Find the whole universe of Stables on:

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